Gumby and Friends Find a Body



Vim, the smaller of the two twins, and the fastest, is the eternal optimist.  stock-vector-illustration-of-cartoon-dinosaur-vector-114351466His cup is always half full. His head is sometimes in the clouds with dreamlike reality, but he mostly helps his friends keep going, move forward toward their goals. His favorite quote is: “Onward!”


Vigor, the bigger twin, is grounded in reality and doesn’t believe in dreams or having heads in the clouds, or moving too fast into anything. stock-vector-illustration-of-cartoon-dinosaur-vector-114351466He is practical and strong. He also has gotten his brother out of more scrapes because of misunderstandings.  His cup is neither too full nor too empty, and he doesn’t understand all that anyway. Who cares? His favorite quote is: “Go slow, and be sure of yourself.”



                                  gumby-waving-drivingGumby wanted to leave as soon as he met Vim and Vigor. He desired no more than his couch and TV. Just as he was saying good bye to the crew, Pokey suggested they drive to his friend’s house and go for a swim. Vim jumped around Gumby and coaxed Gumby to go with them to Pokey’s friend’s house. Vigor didn’t think it was a bad idea, either, but he wouldn’t swim, just watch. He was too big and not very fond of the water. Gumby changed his mind about going home, and brought them all to Pokey’s friend’s house. After all, he loved the water, and the beach, and the sand. He still wasn’t sure what he wanted in life, and thought a travel agent really wasn’t such a bad career.

Pokey wondered why his friend wasn’t home. pokeyThe pool gate was locked, and his house seemed empty. Vigor gave Pokey and Gumby a lift over the fence. Pokey thought his friend wouldn’t mind if they took a little swim in his pool. Afterall, Gumby needed his spirits lifted.

Gumby loved the pool 149401597.zLhhmrqD and couldn’t wait to dive in.

Pokey gasped, then pointed to a body floating in the pool. Someone Pokey didn’t know. A female, with her face down in the water and her long hair fanned out from her neck. She was orange with blue hair and dressed in a black suit with what appeared to be heels on her feet. (The pool idea came to me when I went to the gym and thought about swimming. The door to the pool was locked, and rubber tubing was floating in the water.)

They all stood in shock. “What are we going to do?” Vigor asked as Vim ran around the pool. “Gumby, jump in, and get her, and I’ll call the police,” Pokey suggested. Gumby in poolGumby jumped in the pool, but stopped swimming when he neared the body. “There’s something under her,” he exclaimed in a high voice. “I think it’s alive!”

 Stay tuned!