Are you Psychic? Take the survey–let’s talk

Psychic experiences–we all have them … the phone call after you think of someone, the feeling like someone is staring at you from behind, and they are … so many more.

But before we get into all the swirling thoughts about mysticism, take this survey: It comes from a great book you may want to buy: The Psychic Pathway by Sonia Choquette.

#1 rarely        #2 Sometimes     #3 often              Pick one after each question.

  1. When I am with someone, I am aware of how they feel.
  2. If I met someone for the first time, I draw an accurate picture of what they are like.
  3. I am able to make decisions easily.
  4. I am aware when someone is manipulating me.
  5. I can tell if someone is lying.
  6. I can tell if someone is giving me a true account of a situation.
  7. I get involved with other’s problems.
  8. I can see clearly why people have a problem with something.
  9. I can change my plans easily if I get a bad vibe.
  10. I can stand up to dominating energy.
  11. I am able to know what I want.
  12. I can say no to someone.
  13. I can express myself easily.
  14. I trust myself to make decisions.
  15. I ask other’s for advice.
  16. I conform to win approval.
  17. I take care of my body.
  18. I eat/drink/sleep to escape my feelings.
  19. I knew something was going to happen before it did.
  20. I think of people and they call me the same day.
  21. I sense things before they happen.
  22. I have vibes but ignore them.
  23. I am afraid of my intuition.
  24. My life has lots of coincidences.
  25. I believe I have a higher self watching over me.

Rate your questions:

1 point for number 1

2 points for number 2

3 points for number 3

If your score was 25-39– You are not in the habit of reflecting on how people and situations affect you. This will change if you open your intuitive self.

If your score was 40-59– You are already quite tuned to a psychic energy, although you may not call it that. You may just consider yourself “hypersensitive.” If you increase continue to open your intuition, you will have a increased sense of safety, guidance, and well-being.

If your score was 60-75– You probably are aware that your awareness is exceptionally developed, but you may not trust it completely. You need to develop confidence as you integrate your abilities into your daily life. You will, as Sonia says, learn how to drive you car instead push it.

Let me know your opinions about the survey, and how you did. Next meeting: Opening up to your psychic mind.

I’m learning more about  psychic abilities for my psychological thriller: Moloch and the Angel (working title). I’d like to share what I know, get some feedback from you about your experience and how you reacted … might be another book in it, a non-fiction.