Characters from our collective unconscious, or are we psychic?

We share:


But we also have: negative influences

and one of the conduit: dreams

and another: meditation

Then there are those realizations.

Stephen King once thought that many of his characters came from the deepest part of his unconscious, a collective unconscious- so many characters, so many lives, so many stories.

WT Jowett says:

The common themes of the collective unconscious are referred to as archetypes; like the unconscious mind, individuals do not have ready conscious access to the archetypes, but they are revealed through events and experiences in individuals’ lives.  When an archetype is experience individuals unconsciously recognize it as what it represents and it appears as “mental forms whose presence cannot be explained by anything in the individual’s own life and which seem to be aboriginal, innate, and inherited shapes of the human mind” (Jung, 1978).

What does this have to do with being psychic, you may ask?

Rupert Sheldrake, (Morphic Resonance, The Nature of Formative Causation) has found statistical evidence of a psychic connection between every species that is evolving and growing.

“Ever have the feeling that you know you’re being watched? Or that feeling when you’re thinking about someone right before they call you? These feelings are sometimes thought to be merely coincidental or just happenstance. But the fact that these are common incidences and something that everyone can relate to, leaves open the possibility that there could be something metaphysical happening. Rupert Sheldrake says he believes that these occurrences are psychic phenomena that is evidence of an interconnected consciousness between all humans …” 

Can the connection between us and the collective unconscious be that psychic thread? 

To be continued …