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patAbout Pat Morin

Besides writing plays, short stories, and novels, I am also a practicing psychotherapist with a Masters in Counseling Psychology and Clinical Social Work, and hold a license in both New York and California. I am on the board of several organizations. I created and facilitated the Literary Project, an after-school program that helps middle-school students (interested in becoming authors) learn about the different writing genres.

Read more about Pat, and follow her on Twitter @PatMorin.

Pat's Recent News

  • Pat's short humorous play, Hit List, was voted by the audience, as best play out of nine, and will move to PCSF's Best Short Plays festival in October 2019! Eight shows, Oct. 17-19, and Oct. 24-27.
  • Pat's short literary story, "So it Was," was released in the Redwood Writer's anthology Endeavor.
  • ICWPIn 2019, Pat was re-elected as President of the International Centre for Women Playwrights.
  • On April 8, 2019, a staged reading of Pat’s full-length play, A Clean, Well-Lighted Park Bench, directed by Suzan Lorraine, was read at the Shelton Theatre, San Francisco.
  • Pat is working on her fifth mystery short story collection based on psychological personality disorders. The readers will learn why characters (in books and elsewhere) need a shrink. Fear of the #13 Support Group, and other mystery stories will be out later this year.
  • In September 2018, Pat’s short musing, no more than 150 words, “Clay Horse Ashtray,” was accepted into Linea, a magazine for short fiction. This magazine is hand crafted, printed on a home wood press, and hand-stitched. A magazine release party for Linea, as well as readings from authors, took place on April 26, 2019, at the Center for the Arts, 33 Hawley Street in Northampton, Massachusetts.
  • On October 18, 2018, her play The Gatekeeper has it fourth production with the Fringe of Marin at the Marin Elks Club, San Rafael.

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Short Story Collections by Patricia L. Morin

Short Story Collections by Patricia L. Morin

Deadly Illusions: A Collection of Mystery Short Stories, was released in December 2015. From a gossip-spreading employee and an overbearing voice at a bar, to an Inn owner creating murder games, and a lonely man sitting on a Central Park bench, these stories blur the thin line between what we perceive and what is real.

"Pat Morin is back with a collection of ten short mystery stories that will entertain any mystery reader. Crimes of passion can happen anywhere, from a love triangle on a golf course to a family seeking to bury secrets from their small town. Morin's stories amaze with twists and turns, and surprise endings."
Manhattan Book Review

Deadly Illusions ($12.95, ISBN: 978-1519770783) is available from
Learn more about Deadly Illusions

Confetti: A Collection of Cozy Crimes was released in February 2014. This collection is the third book in the short story series. From a theme party in Mizpah, NJ, to a surfing incident on the north shore of Oahu, Hawaii, murders are planned. From a Malibu beach with remote control cars, to the northern hills of Las Vegas, people are disappearing. Confetti is a colorful mixture of delightful stories.

"I've been a fan of Ms. Morin's ... she's a writer's writer, an author who makes her story the centerpiece, not the words or fancy sentences. All of her collections are marvelous—every story a jewel—but this new one [Confetti] moves Ms. Morin higher on the list of America's top writers of short crime fiction."
—Jack Getze, Editor, Spinetingler Magazine

Confetti ($13.95, ISBN: 978-1-496011-86-2) is available from
Learn more about Confetti

Crime Montage, the second book in the short story series, was released in March 2012. From a Newport, Rhode Island, fishing vessel to a German cruise ship in 1939, crimes are committed. From the San Juan Islands to New York City, murders are solved. The stories are as unique and different as human personalities and motives.

"With such a variety to choose from, you'll find that once you start reading, you won't want to put down Crime Montage until page 214. And when you reach that final page, you'll find yourself asking, 'Did she write any other book?' Happily, the answer is 'Yes!'"
San Francisco Book Review

Crime Montage ($14.95, ISBN: 978-1-929976-93-5) is available from, Barnes & Noble and IndieBound.
Read an excerpt and learn more about Crime Montage

Mystery Montage, the first book in the short story series, was released in October 2010. From a small village in Africa's Maasai Mara to under the boardwalk in Atlantic City, NJ, murders are discovered. On an Amtrak train as well as a spiritual plane, suspects are caught. The stories are uniquely different as motives are explored and crimes solved. The story "Homeless" was nominated for a Derringer and an Anthony Award, while "Pa and the Pigeon Man" was nominated for a Pushcart Award.

"Patricia Morin demonstrates the full range of her abilities, from cozy to suspense to noir—and every genre in between."
—Marcia Muller, Grand Master, Mystery Writers of America

Mystery Montage ($12.95, ISBN: 978-1-929976-75-1) is available from, Barnes & Noble and IndieBound.
Read an excerpt and learn more about Mystery Montage