Happy Holiday, and Gingerbread Houses

Happy Holidays, and so far, we are enjoying the season, the people, even the rain. We hope you are, too–except for the questionable weather you may be having in your area.

We spent a few days traipsing through town and viewing all the gingerbread houses in the Sausalito (CA) Gingerbread Houses’ contesour houset. After attempting our first ever house to your left, we decided we needed to explore all those possibilities. It’s almost like after reading your thriller novel, you decide to read others, like yours, but maybe, not so much like yours. Here are the houses we visited. Oh, BTW, our roof caved in within the hour.



blueThe Blue House

graham house DAS BOAT




IMG_2008The Love Shack




The Taj and it’s entrance




   IMG_2015 All of these creations are winners in different classes. This is a small village … hmm … very small.IMG_2038long houseThe long house,

and at last, the Fairmont Hotel’s huge gingerbread rooms!

Gingerbreadroom at fairmont Hotelginbread FairmontWe did come to one conclusion after observing the mastery of this art form. Our first New Year’s resolution: no more building of gingerbread houses.

Hope you enjoyed the quick show. Happy Holidays once again, and again.